Apply For Tyndale University Student Scholarships for High Achievers

Apply For Tyndale University Student Scholarships for High Achievers

One of the institutions with a core objective of assisting you in financing your education is Tyndale University with the Student Scholarships for high-achieving students scheme which opens lots of opportunities for students to achieve their dream.

Tyndale University offers one of the most affordable scholarship schemes scattered among different categories across different disciplines in the institution.

Scholarships and awards for new students

These opportunities are not just for those who are just coming directly from high school, it also applies to you whether as mentioned above or you’ve taken a gap year (or two!), if you’re entering as a first-year Tyndale student, here are few scholarship awards you can apply for:

1. President’s Scholarships

The President’s Scholarships award is an exclusive offer presented to new first-year students, based on their academic successes in high school. The University made it an automatic award offered to students par excellent. The higher your grades, the more funding you’ll receive.

This particular award is classified into three with each attending to a distinctive set of students. The Tyndale University Student Scholarships available within the President’s Scholarships are:

  1. President’s Scholarship of Distinction
  2. President’s Scholarship of Excellence
  3. President’s Scholarship of Merit

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President’s Scholarship of Distinction

The President’s Scholarship of Distinction is awarded based on academic merits. You can qualify for this once you meet the academic requirements which serve as the eligibility criteria for this particular scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must meet the following academic qualifications in order to stand a chance for this scholarship.

  • A minimum average of 90% or its equivalent (3.90 GPA or 1200 SAT or 27 ACT)

Scholarship Benefits

Eligible candidates for this scholarship are awarded the sum of five thousand US dollars ($5,000).

President’s Scholarship of Excellence

The second in the President’s Scholarship series of Tyndale University Student Scholarships for High Achieving Students is the President’s Scholarship of Excellence and it is awarded to students whose academic grades exceed a particular benchmark.

While the President’s Scholarship of Distinction carters for students who have distinctive academic grades are the end of one academic session, the President’s Scholarship of Excellence is for students who fall below the 90% criteria as with the former.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this award, candidates are expected to meet the following academic requirements.

  • Average between 80% and 89.9% or its equivalent (3.70-3.89 GPA or 1130 – 1190 SAT or 25 – 26 ACT).

Scholarship Benefit

Awardees of the President’s Scholarship of Excellence at Tyndale University receive a cash prize of two thousand US dollars ($2,000).

President’s Scholarship of Merit

Without leaving you to a probable guess or any assumption. The President’s Scholarship of Merit is the least in the series of the Tyndale University Student President’s Scholarship.

This particular sub-scheme was introduced to reward students who have made strong efforts in achieving a good academic grade but fall slightly short of the eligibility criteria of the President’s Scholarship of Excellence.

Eligibility Criteria

All candidates who wish to claim this last award in this series must attain the following academic grade:

  • Average between 80% and 89.9% or its equivalents (3.70-3.89 GPA or 1130 – 1190 SAT or 25 – 26 ACT)

Scholarship Benefits

For every student that meets the academic requirements for this category, a cash prize of one thousand US dollars is awarded annually.

Important Note: Interested applicants are encouraged to take note of the following: Compare your GPA to letter grades, percentages and more with this handy GPA calculator, to ensure your grade; SAT and ACT are similar – standardized tests widely used in the United States for post-secondary admissions (both are not particularly common in Canada).

2. Christian Camp Service Award

This is an annual award offered to as many as five full-time students, who are willing to serve in the Christian Camp Service of the university.

To qualify for the Christian Camp Service Award, eligible candidates must be employed at a Christian camp in the summer leading up to their education at Tyndale.

Also, one of the eligibility criteria is that candidates must send in applications before the annual deadline. Note: The Christian Camp Service Award application deadline for this year is 23rd September.

Scholarship Benefits

Successful applicants for the Christian Camp Service Award receive a cash price of Five-hundred US dollars ($500) and other benefits.

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Bursaries and grants for Tyndale students

Before we continue with this category of Tyndale University Student Scholarships for High Achieving Students, it is necessary to establish the similarities and differences between scholarships, bursaries, and grants.

Though bursaries and grants vary from scholarships they share a couple of similarities – these are money that you don’t have to pay back. However, they differ because scholarships mostly focus on academic achievement while bursaries and grants have wider eligibility requirements — often centered around financial need.

As mentioned above, buried in the core objective of Tyndale University is the readiness to assist you in financing your education.

This is achieved through the different general bursaries and grants including tuition aid bursaries, and other program-specific bursaries offered in conjunction with local partners.

To all applicants who wish to access this grant, you are to ensure that you submit your application before the deadline as communicated by the institution.

Also, applicants are allowed to apply for as many grants as they can! There’s no limit to the number of bursaries you can apply for at Tyndale University.

Feel free to check here for samples of the many bursaries and grants available to full-time students and a General complete list of undergraduate bursaries (PDF) (

Below are selected Bursary and Grants offered at Tyndale University:

1. Mary Nimmo Greenham Bursary

The Mary Nimmo Greenham Bursary is awarded to applicants who are proven to be worthy of financial need. However, you will have to go through some interviews where you will present some documents to validate your application.

The value of the Award ranges from two thousand US dollars ($2,000) and above.

Note: All applications must be submitted before the deadline.

2. Future Leader Bursary

The Future Leader Bursary is awarded to applicants who have enrolled in a BA Philosophy program and are eligible for financial needs.

Also, applicants must identify as a member of the BIPOC community.

Successful applicants receive a cash award of fifteen hundred US dollars ($1,500).

3. August Regina Anstice Bursary Fund

The August Regina Anstice Bursary Fund is awarded to students who have demonstrated good academic achievements, and have shown interest in financial assistance.

The aim is to encourage awardees to further their educational pursuit with the fund given to them courtesy of the August Regina Anstice Bursary Fund scheme.

Successful applicants are awarded cash ranging from twenty-five hundred US dollars ($2,500) to five thousand US dollars ($5,000).

Application Procedure for scholarships, bursaries, and grants at Tyndale University

– Intending applicants for any of the scholarships, bursaries, and grants at Tyndale University must be enrolled in one of the disciplines offered by the institution.

– After enrollment, you can start sending your application by simply logging in to your dashboard using your @ MyTyndale username and password.

– In your dashboard tap on the ‘Tyndale Awards’ webpage and log in to start applying! You are required to do is to complete the Student Profile Form and Financial Need Form once every year.

– Afterward, keep checking your email or dashboard for a response. Usually, you will be contacted within a few weeks.